Corporate Partners

Employees at our Corporate Partners can take advantage of a valuable partnership with Rutgers School of Business–Camden.

15% tuition scholarship for RSBC Graduate Programs for employees at corporate partners

Waived application fee

Dedicated support from enrollment to graduation

Additional benefits for military service members, veterans, and their immediate family

Current Partners include:
– American Water
– Holman
– Subaru
Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions

If your employer is not yet participating in the Corporate Partner Scholarship Program, please contact Rachel Tomlinson, Director of Operations (, for more information.

Corporate Partner Scholarship Program

Receive the high quality education and dedicated support of a Rutgers-Camden Master’s degree for a discounted price!

The Rutgers School of Business-Camden (RSBC) has partnered with several regional companies for a Corporate Partner Scholarship Program. Through this program, RSBC will provide the employees of the Corporate Partner with partial scholarships – 15% of tuition – for students enrolled in a RSBC graduate degree or graduate certificate program. These programs include: Traditional MBA – On Campus, Online MBA, Professional MBA, Online Master of Accounting, Online MS in Business Analytics, and graduate certificate programs.

To enroll in a RSBC graduate degree program, employees must complete both of the following:

1. Admissions Application for the degree or certificate program. 

*For qualified employees, your application fee will be waived – please be sure to reach out to the Program Coordinator when you complete your application to make the note in the system!

2. RSBC Employer Verification Form:This form is used to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the corporate partners program. The RSBC Admissions Team will work with the employer to verify the applicant’s employment status.

The RSBC Employer Verification Form must be completed annually to confirm continued employment of the student and the continued participation of the Corporate Partner in the Scholarship Program. For employees wishing to enroll/re-enroll at RSBC, the deadline for submitting the Employer Verification Form is: 

Fall Semester: August 13 (PMBA – September 1)
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Semester: May 1

Guidelines & Notes

For current graduate students who are enrolled in a RSBC graduate degree or certificate program, the scholarship will commence in the semester following the signing of the Corporate Partner agreement with the students’ employer and will be offered for any future classes in which s/he is enrolled.
Note: The tuition scholarship is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.

Students who are admitted into the program will receive a 15% tuition scholarship on their Term Bill, based on the number of courses that the student is taking each semester. The scholarship will not cover fees.
Any additional corporate tuition reimbursement (e.g., employer tuition reimbursement plan) will be the responsibility of the student to procure.
Degree-seeking students (other than those in PMBA program, which is full-time) are strongly encouraged to take two courses per semester in the fall, spring, and summer semesters in order to make adequate progress toward degree completion.
Students cannot “stack” other types of scholarships from RSBC (e.g., if offered more than one type of RSBC scholarship, the student can choose the one provides the greatest scholarship).
To secure financial aid, students must typically be enrolled in two courses per semester. Financial Aid is not available for students completing a non-degree graduate certificate.