Certificates are one of the fastest-growing professional credentials. Learn how to get started and successfully earn a graduate certificate from the Rutgers School of Business-Camden (RSBC). Graduate certificates are stand-alone academic credentials that allow you to broaden your knowledge, update your professional profile, and advance your career. Completing a certificate program can also be a great first step in exploring a new area or advancing to a degree program.

Certificates at a Glance

Graduate Certificates are available in the following areas:
Business Analytics
Digital Marketing
Investments & Private Wealth Management
Strategic Leadership

100% Online Courses

All courses towards a graduate certificate are offered through a 100% online mode of delivery, taught by internationally renowned RSBC faculty.


Each certificate is comprised of four (4) required courses, including one foundational course plus three industry-focused courses.

Course Offerings

The courses required for each certificate will typically be offered on a rotational basis and are primarily offered in Fall and Spring semester. One course in each certificate is only offered during the Summer.

Getting Started and FAQs

Getting Started

1) Complete the Graduate Admissions Application as a non-degree student, using the program code for the selected certificate program:
      • Digital Marketing – Program Code: 53135C2
      • Investments and Private Wealth Management – Program Code: 53135C3
      • Strategic Leadership – Program Code: 53135C4
      • Business Analytics – Program Code: 53135C1
2) Pay the non-refundable application fee.
3) Submit one official transcript from each post-secondary school, demonstrating a four-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited university or institution plus any further education.
4) Submit the following supporting materials:
a) Two (2) letters of recommendation
b) Your CV or resume
c) Personal statement describing your educational and professional goals

Grade Requirements

To earn the Certificate, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (i.e., B average), and no grades of a C or below in any of the certificate courses. Therefore, students must earn a grade of A, B+, or B in a certificate course in order to have it count toward the certificate.

Currently, students are able to retake a certificate course in order for it to qualify for a certificate. The course will be listed on your transcript for each term that you take it and will include all grades that you are assigned.

Can I substitute a course that is not listed on the Certificate’s course curriculum?

No. Only those courses specifically listed for the certificate program can be counted toward the certificate. We do not accept course substitutions or transfer credit.

Three-Year Requirement

Although a certificate can be completed in four semesters, taking one course each semester, including summer. To complete the certificate, students must complete all applicable courses within three years from the first day they start the certificate program. See the information below for a sample of the start and required completion timeframe.
Fall 2019 | Summer 2023
Spring 2020 | Fall 2023
Summer 2019 | Spring 2023

How do certificates differ from degrees?

Our four-course certificates offer concentrated pathways for students looking to enhance a specific skill set or fulfill a knowledge gap. Earning a certificate demonstrates to employers that you are knowledgeable in a focused-learning area, as well as your determination and discipline to succeed academically. You are awarded a certificate upon completion.
Our Master’s degree programs are a more comprehensive, long-term academic commitment, requiring 10 to 18 courses to complete. You must meet specific admissions requirements and complete a degree program application to pursue a degree.

Earning Multiple Certificates

If you plan to pursue multiple certificates, keep in mind that each course can only count toward one certificate. Each certificate is carefully designed to include a distinct set of courses to ensure its academic and professional value.

Certificate Advising

When you have questions about the process of earning your graduate certificate, know we are here. Students can contact the Graduate Programs Staff by email or phone during office hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm).

Financing your Certificate

Federal or state aid is only available to students who have been admitted to a degree program, not a certificate program.

Library Access

As a student in the certificate program, you can utilize any of the Rutgers University libraries in person or online with your Rutgers ID Card. Visit our Library Resources page for more information.

What will my Certificate say?

If you earn a professional graduate certificate, the certificate will state: Rutgers School of Business-Camden Graduate Certificate in [field name].