Student and Alumni Profiles

Student and Alumni Profiles

Inspiring people walk through our doors every day. Will you be one of them? Our students and alumni each come with their own set of diverse experiences that together help create our world-class degree program. Here are just a few of the amazing people who have pursued their dreams at Rutgers School of Business–Camden.

Christa Peterson

Since Christa Peterson went back to school and earned a PMAc degree, her career has been soaring. After graduating, she was recruited for a brand new job that came with more responsibilities and a title that reflected her climb to a higher position.

Dr. Adam Hamawy

After serving as a general surgeon in the U.S. Army, developing a specialty in plastic surgery, and running a medical practice, Dr. Adam Hamawy recognized the value in earning a PMBA to round out his experience.

Hubert Brown

Hubert Brown

He was at a crossroads in his career, determined to get to the next level. When Hubert Brown checked out the PMAc program, he knew it was the best degree for his professional ambitions.

Jamillah Mantilla

She has founded businesses, earned Ph.D. degrees, and made major career changes. When a postcard for Rutgers School of Business arrived in the mail, Dr. Mantilla took it as divine inspiration.

Luisa Eggert

Along with enhancing her reputation in the business world, Luisa Eggert says that going back to school for an advanced degree sets a great example for her teenage daughters.

Nicole McKee

After giving birth to her second child while in business school, Nicole McKee proved that it’s possible to juggle a whole new world of responsibilities while getting a PMBA.

Tula Sayalkham

While her daughter applied to colleges during junior year of high school, Tula Sayalkham decided it was time for her to pursue an MBA. They both embarked on a search for the right program.