Hubert Brown

Hubert Brown

Hubert Brown

Hubert BrownPMAc, Class of 2020
Prolong Pharmaceuticals

Why did you decide to pursue the PMAc degree?
I’ve been in the accounting arena for over 20 years, from banking to healthcare to logistics. Now I work in the pharmaceutical industry. I am at a crossroads and want to acquire the knowledge to take me to the next level. As for the PMAc, I thought, why not go for a challenge?

What’s it like going to school and working full time?
It’s a challenge, but challenge has always been part of my life. To accomplish work and school, I had to get organized. I couldn’t do it on my own.  I now come in earlier and leave at 5 or 5:30 to go home to study. The dynamics of home life have also changed. I am married and have a 14-year-old son. Now, basically, my son and I are doing our homework at the same time. It’s fun.

Why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?
It was a no brainer. It is my alma mater, where I got my first degree. What was interesting about the program is that it was designed for professionals, and going to class on the weekends makes it more convenient. The other remarkable thing is the student cohorts, which draw on a knowledge base of all the students. By sharing, we create a pool of knowledge. The quality of professors and the instruction are excellent. There’s a marketable value in getting a Rutgers degree. The school is known not just locally, but internationally, too.

Are you applying what you’re learning in your work life?
The courses I’ve taken so far have taken my knowledge base to a new level. The Financial Management course explored the topic much more deeply than I had done in my undergraduate years. At this level, I am applying what I learned daily to my professional life and even advising friends and family.

Tell us about your professors.
Their delivery and material and style are different. Each teaches us to become critical thinkers and also are exceptional in that they think outside of the box. My view of the world has changed, and I’m still in school.

What advice do you have for future PMAc students?
Come prepared to work. It’s not an undergraduate program. You will not know everything, so work with your team, get involved. I initiated a study group for midterms and finals, and it worked. Participate in class discussion. Even if you think it’s a stupid question, it helps your confidence level in your professional life to ask questions.

Three words to describe the experience?
Challenging.  Stimulating.  Rewarding.

Do you anticipate keeping up with the Rutger School of Business alumni network?
It’s very important to keep in touch, for networking purposes primarily. You never know what life holds, and you may need to tap into your alumni network.