Christa Peterson

Christa Peterson

Christa Peterson
PMAc, Class of 2018
FutureView Systems

What was your experience in the PMAc program like?
The PMAc program changed my life. The professors loved what they were doing. They were inspiring and knowledgeable. If you were interested and wanted to grow, they were really there for you.

How has the degree affected your career?
I’ve been a corporate accountant for twenty years. The PMAc gave me fresh knowledge and sharpened my skills. It has put me in a different playing field. I got a promotion in June to Director of Finance and Accounting. Having a PMAc degree means I don’t have to explain my skills. A business degree makes an impression. It was word of mouth about my master’s degree that lead to my new job.

What was it like actually being in the classroom every Saturday?
What was nice was the continuous learning for myself, from 8 to 5. We were all feeding our brains. No one could interrupt us. There were 16 in my class, and we all went through this together. I met people I know I will be friends with for life.

Any advice for future students?
Once you commit, you know that whatever happens, if you stick with it, something good will come from it. Don’t look back. Make sure you have a support system. My husband is an accountant and was supportive. Don’t wait until Friday to study. I loved that the program was 16 months. The administration, the teachers, and everyone involved really cared about the students.

Did you have to make sacrifices to get through the program?
For 16 months, you’re giving up your own free time, but the payoff is bigger. 

Why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?
It is a name that is respected, especially the business school, and the classes were held in Princeton, 12 minutes from my house.

How did going back to school affect home and family life?
My kids are 15 and 14. They had to be okay with seeing me and not being able to talk to me because I had to study. I missed my daughter’s county track meet on a Saturday, and I missed my son’s soccer games on Sundays. I’d say, ‘I’m sorry I can’t go to that’ and then have a deeper conversation about why. They need you at every age, but the program doesn’t last two or four years. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What was it like to return to a more normal schedule after you earned your degree?
There was a transition period because life was so altered. I was able to breath easier and had time to hang out with my family.

What three words come to mind when you think of the PMAc experience?
Hard-working. Knowledge. Success.